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Promoting country culture in the 21st century can never go wrong with Ten Gallon Clothing. You can now shop for fashion apparel deeply rooted in heritage.

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When Ten Gallon Clothing contacted us, there were many challenging factors that were causing a hindrance in their success. Our team of experts quickly identified the following challenges

  • Low Engagement Rate As an online shopping store, Ten Gallon Clothing were facing a huge back step in their engagement rate.
  • Poor Navigation Customers were unable to find their desired products because of poor navigation, this led to website abandonment.
  • Low Quality Images The images used on Ten Gallon Clothing’s site were not good. They were of low quality, hardly giving any detail about the product.
  • Low Sales with low quality images and poor navigation, it was evident that Ten Gallon Clothing was suffering from low sales.

The Solutions

Our professional experts quickly jumped to the rescue and they decided to customize a shopify website design for Ten Gallon Clothing to enhance their position in the cut-throat market.

  • Link building
  • Website designing
  • Content optimization
  • High quality multimedia
  • Clear navigation

The outstanding website design helped in attracting more potential customers and retaining the existing ones.


The Results

After implementing all the results, it was now time to wait for the results. As soon as their new website was launched on Shopify, the improvement in their sales and enhancement in their clientele was extremely evident.

Ten Gallon Clothing has successfully gained their position back on top across search engines. Their customers are going strongly and Ten Gallon Clothing is able to build a relationship of trust with their potential customers. With a little help from our professional experts, Ten Gallon Clothing has elevated their position in today’s competitive market.